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Happy Empowered & Enanled Educators of Don Bosco Academy, Patna

All set to create Happy schools A place where we create safe spaces for our children and adolescents to explore, to share, to learn, to cope and adapt !
35 teachers took the 75 hour experiential learning with Ummeed from July 2023 to January 2024 and with tremendous hard work , received the well-earned certification on 19th January.
All are now equipped with Ummeed advocated Basic course on being guidance counsellors Active listening skills, empathetic approach with Non-judgmental attitudes teachers are all set!!
Mrs Mary Alphonso Principal Don Bosco had the vision and foresight, to skill up educators to face the adolescence challenges.
Ummeed thanks Alfred Rozario Sir, Director Don Bosco Academy for all your belief support and dedication this is the culture, that makes your teachers such a committed team.

Ummeed's Positive psychology interventions with educators and students of Birla International School, Kishangarh Rajasthan on 12th and 13th February.

"I found the session incredibly valuable and inspiring. It provided the importance of prioritizing mental health and well-being, both for myself and for the students I work with.I look forward to applying the knowledge and insights in practices in my personal and professional life. Thank you once again for organizing such an impactful session." - Dheeraj Tiwari.
"As usual ma’am Ms. Salony Priya provided an insightful and comprehensive counseling session on understanding mental health. Her expertise in the subject matter was evident through her clear explanations and practical examples. She created a supportive and non-judgmental environment, allowing us to openly discuss our thoughts and concerns. Ms. Salony's emphasis on destigmatizing mental health issues and promoting self-care strategies was highly valuable. Overall, the session was informative, engaging, and beneficial for all of us." Pankaj Kumar, Teacher.

Avenir at Indian School, Darsait, Oman a three day event from 7th December 2023 to create possibilities for 12,000 plus students in Oman across 21 schools of Oman.

Resource person, Ms. Salony Priya’s keynote address emphasised Building Emotional competencies along with hard skills as an emerging need in the market of Artificial Intelligence.
Members from the Ministry of Education from Oman were very keen to understand the potential in Indian education and their presence, support to Avenir was a true testimony to the success of Indian students in various careers.
"An excellent guidance to students Salony , pragmatic and strong message with clarity to make students make the most of the new world opportunities, my students did not want you to stop." - Ms Papri Ghosh, Principal Indian School, Gubhra.

Language skills - language is not just grammar or literature, it's the base for all social and communication skills - NCF reflection

Core essence of engagement with educators at Guwahati on 1st December 2023, more than 65 educators from various schools attended the session.
Resource person Ms. Salony Priya explained the participants that the role of an English teacher is beyond syllabus, it is teaching values, expressions, identity and sense of belonging.
"The session was truly empowering. Your insightful perspective and introspection on the subject were remarkable, igniting a spark in all the attendees. The emphasis on fostering a classroom environment where students 'register' instead of 'copy' promises a positive change, making it a magnificent and impactful learning experience.
I have attended many sessions till date. But your session was indeed something very special. You emerged as a beacon of wisdom and inspiration throughout the session.
The unique eloquence, coupled with a profound understanding of the subject matter, made you a truly wonderful speaker. What set this session apart was your unwavering commitment to introspection. The way you delved deep into the intricacies of imparting not just language skills but also fostering emotional intelligence within the learning environment took the interactive session to a great height.
Your insights went beyond the conventional boundaries of language teaching, offering a holistic approach that resonated with all the attendees. The true magic of the session lay in the ignited spark that you effortlessly kindled in every participant. The call to shift from mere 'copying' to 'registering' resonated powerfully. The attendees left the session not just armed with teaching techniques but also with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm to cultivate a more profound educational experience for their students. The pivotal point is all the participants were spellbound throughout the session.
In essence, it was a transformative experience; it was more than a professional development opportunity; it was a journey into the realm of empowering education where language teaching becomes a conduit for socio-emotional growth. The ripple effect of this session is poised to create a positive and lasting impact in classrooms.” - Dr Manoj Kumar Choudhury, Academic Dean, Sai Vikash Educational Institutions, Guwahati

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