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On 2nd January 2022 Ummeed conducted an interactive webinar on proactive parenting in pandemic with G.K. Public School Parents

Ms. Salony Priya sensitized the parents on art and science of parenting, role of parents in building skills, balancing the real and virtual, handling the challenging times by being a wise parent.

Feedbacks -
“I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mrs. Salony Priya and her team for inspiring and motivating us to rear our children in a proper way. I'm very much impressed by the way she showed us how to deal with the emotions and feelings of the children, in a short duration. Her strategies are practical and effective.” - Sanghamitra Chakrabarty (Principal)
“This webinar has been very inspiring and I'm really feeling delighted to have been able to be a part of this. It was a great pleasure listening to you. Thank you.” - Arindam Sasmal, Assistant Teacher.

Orientation of all the Bhawanipur Education Society College faculty on Mentoring skills by Ms. Salony Priya, Director Ummeed on 27th December 2021

The role of professors in higher educational institutions as mentors, providing emotional and social skill building along with academic related guidance were the major focus of the session.
Prof. Dilip Shah, Dean of Student Affairs, shared his experience with students and emphasized on need for mentoring coaching and counseling skills.
Dr. Subhabrata Gangopadyay, Teacher-in-Charge, shared the vision of the college to provide structured mentoring to all students.
Dr. Pinki Saha Sardar, VP,Admin, explained the theme of the workshop and how beneficial it can be for both faculty and students.
Mr. Tathagata Sen, IQAC, and Dr. Samir Kanti Datta, Dean of Science Department, IQAC Member addresses the keynote of the session along with their experiences on mentoring.

Ummeed conducted a series of Life Skill sessions with classes 8, 9 & 11 students of St. James School, Kolkata on 14th December, 2021

Ms. Salony Priya sensitized the students on making Proactive choices in Pandemic, Utilizing time, learning the tips of virtual education, Techniques of memorization capacity enhancement. Strategies of Digital Detox and as a whole to be a Smart Adolescents who are ready to face the Post Covid World.

On 13th November 2021, Salony Priya Director Ummeed, conducted a session to energizes educators to face the post pandemic challenges

Holy Cross School Hazaribagh, in association with Ummeed on 13th Nov 2021 energizes educators to face the post pandemic challenges.
Resilience, ability to bounce back, Learned Optimism and constructive analysis of new skill sets were the concepts discussed and very practical strategies shared.

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