Mrs. Salony Priya is a counseling psychologist working in the area of Education Management, Human Development & Training, student empowerment & comprehensive counseling for more than 24 years and her interventions have reached out to several educational institutions, corporate and social organizations.

She is Founder Director of Ummeed Counselling & Consulting services, a multispeciality positive psychology institution based in Calcutta where she empowers, enables and energizes populace with trainings, capacity building initiatives, undertakes therapies, workshops and individualized sessions.

She is also Trustee of UMEED FOUNDATION an organization that works for underpriviledged children in field of mental health.

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Dear Salony,
Workshops on Positive Parenting were conducted for the parents of junior school at Adamas International School on 13th and 14th March 2019. It was a lively interactive session conducted by Mrs. Salony Priya.
Her expertise on the subject and her dynamism on stage made the session informative and interesting. Many first time parents found answers to their questions.
Dear Madam,
Congrats and gratitude. Your presentations were very personal and powerful. Your thoughts were presented very systematically and in a professional way. Keep up good work.
God bless you and your family.
Dear Miss Salony,
I have attended and attend a number of such on going formation sessions or training programmes. I often put off myself soon the sessions begin - I know it already attitude. However, I was very attentive to everything you said.
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Thank you for inviting us to be a part of the Seminar on Education. I really thought it was time well spent. The participation and arrangement were excellent. + Know More
My association with Mrs. Salony Priya is indeed a cherished one and i feel blessed to reach out to those who need a helping hand in all walks of life.
This is to extend my sincere thanks to Mrs. Salony Priya for making it to Rourkela for conducting the two day workshop for the teachers of ICSE Schools.
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Dear Ms. Salony Priya,
Congratulations and thank you for the wonderful presentation today on the theme - New Leadership Skills for 2lst Century to the participants of the 5th National Conference on Education, organized by Don Bosco Institute, Guwahati.
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Dear Ms. Salony Priya,
We on behalf of the Techno India Group Public Schools and Techno Model Schools would like to extend our heartiest thanks to you for taking out time to share your extertise with our teachers.
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Simple solutions were given to recurring problems created by few children that nagged teachers in their day-to-day work, concept of change and emphasized on altering our rigid beliefs.
Our good wishes to Mrs. Salony Priya and her team in all their endeavours towards making a change in the lives of all those who they come in contact with.
From my associations with Mrs. Salony Priya, I am so grateful for what you are doing, that is taking care of the inner need of the children.
While I want to thank you for what you are doing, I also want to wish you all the very best for the coming days.
A good boost given to us teachers at the start of the team. Much food for the thought ideas to build upon. Thank you for the "acceptance" theory! Very true!
Mrs. Salony Priya conducted an Orientation Programme for the entire teaching staff of Seventh Day Adventist School.

Her session gave a lot of insight to teachers on understanding behaviour related issues in children.
It is thanks to our interaction with Ms. Salony Priya and takeaways from her session that each of us at Sunbeam Schools have understood how to aid personal and social development of students appropriate to developmental stages.
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As the Head of a School and also the Secretary of the Association of Schools for the ISC, West Bengal Chapter I fully credit Psychologist par excellence, Mrs. Salony Priya for bringing this welcome awareness. I sincerely wish that she carries on with her good work and continue benefit the society at large.
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I offer my sincerest thanks for your invaluable discourse which has greatly impacted our teachers. You have delved into the psyche of young children and your views have enlightened and enlivened us.

Your advice that 'responsible discipline engage both mind and heart' should be an important notion to be followed by all Teachers.

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Salony Priya has been associated with The Heritage School since its inception in 2001. The Heritage School shares a very special relationship with her in view of its consistent growth towards being a school with a difference and one that makes a difference.
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A true professional Salony Priya, as a Psychologist and HR trainer has a long association with DPS Megacity. She has contributed most usefully in guiding the students, teachers and parents to create a positive environment in the school. Her dynamism is reflected in her warmth and genuineness. We value her constant support and co-operation. Wish her all the success in her life.
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Mrs. Salony Priya discussed various aspects of class control, group and individual strategies. The concept of pastoral teacher was introduced emphasizing the need to listen to students with empathy. Real case studies and examples were highlighted to give teachers a real feel of the class room.
I have known Mrs. Priya for more than seven years now and have no hesitation in saying that she has played a key role for making Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir what it is today, an educational institution of excellence. She has ably guided and assisted the SMC for obtaining NOC from W.B. education department … she has genuine concern for the children and works hard.
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It has made the work of mental health professionals like me, who work with school children, a lot easier having you as teacher counselor cum liaison psychologist. With your unlimited energy & enthusiasm, optimism & willingness to bring about a change in the mind set of the school authorities & parents ....
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Mrs. Salony Priya, a counseling Psychologist and educational consultant in Kolkata had conducted an Orientation for parents at Carmel School in two groups. Her sessions were indeed very enlightening and informative, banishing many doubts and spreading an awareness of the need for a more trustful and transparent relationship.
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Salony Priya has been associated with The Heritage School since its inception and has been instrumental in projecting a child/ parent friendly image of the school. Her very calm and pleasant disposition helps children do away with inhibitions and open their heart out to her. Her dedication to her profession is exemplary; she is destined to go places. My best wishes to her!
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You led them on to realize that their individual lutes of education was a worthy instrument fitted with a stream of variegated strings which required to be handled adeptly to conjure or up a presentation that should hold their audience with rapt attention every time they entered the realms of the classroom! You were a virtuoso at your best.
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We have been in touch for about 15 years and I have found in you an exceptional personality, full of devotion and affection for helping the teachers and parents for better handling their children's issues. It is a great work for the society of Kolkata you are doing.
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Child therapy relating to education
Coping with stress & anxiety
Relationship counseling
Play & Group therapy
Family counseling
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Orientation for New Parents at all levels
Adolescent issues
Handling sibling rivalry
Teen Communication conflicts
Working MOMS
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Appreciating differences
Gender issues
Study skills
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Multiple intelligence
Communication skills
Team building
Emotional intelligence
Class management
Positive discipline
Rapport with students
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World Mental Health Day 10th October, pandemic has further reinforced the critical aspect of taking mental health seriously.

Ummeed for the last 10 years committed to advocating about mental health and building professionals in the field.

We thank all our patrons, well-wisher, colleagues, associates, organizations, institutions and families, communities, youth and children that have made UMMEED possible.

Our immense gratitude for your belief in us.

Ms. Salony Priya, Founder Director of Ummeed, certified with the international accreditation for Professional Supervisor from Australian Counselling Society after 6 months of exhaustive case submissions, research and finally 3 days intensive training as observer and supervisor at Bangalore.
The course focuses especially on mandatory reporting laws, POSCO guidelines and Professional ethics.

Certified with International Accrediation for Professional Supervisor from Australian Counselling Society


Certificate of Participation Certificate of Participation
Certificate for successfully completing the Virtual instructor led training requirements for game design, functions & engagement. Certificate for attending the "Workshop for Development of TLM under the NIPUN Bharat Mission"
Certificate of Participation Certificate of Participation
Anamika Exploring Mind certified Ms. Salony Priya for completing the Basic Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) Course Anamika Exploring Mind certified Ms. Salony Priya for completing the Basic Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) course, case conceptualization and change processes
Certificate of Participation Certificate of Participation
Participated in the International Conference on Cognitive Behavioral Interventions WEBINAR - The Guru: Guidance for Psychology Aspirant on Scope of School Psychology
Certificate of Participation Certificate of Participation
Membership Registration Certificate - This is to certify that Salony Priya is a registered memebr of the Indian Association of Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Mrs. Salony Priya participated in the online workshop titled "Optimizing Online CBT for Anxiety & Depression" organized by the Indian Association for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (IACBT) on 11th September 2020 from 3 to 5 pm.
Salony Priya Salony Priya
Participated in the international workshop on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Mind Mingle at IIM Ahmedabad congratulates and certified Ms.Salony Priya for being a change agent
Salony Priya Salony Priya
Participated in the international conference on life skills and well being of children and youth in the digital worldorganized by indian association of life skills education Participated in the workshop on relationship:attraction,addiction,and abuse



NATION BUILDER AWARD 2019 by Rotary International presented to Ms.Salony Priya, Founder Director of Ummeed for resolute dedication towards the progress and assistance of education for children and adolescent.

LIONS INTERNATIONAL awarded to Ms. Salony Priya in appreciation of her 15 years of contribution to Lions Educational project for her strategic planning and mentoring that has established vision and systems of Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, today an affiliated ISC school.

MS.SALONY PRIYA awarded as the Women Entrepreneur of the year 2019 by Business Connect for her excellent contribution in the society through her brainchild UMMEED a multi speciality Positive Life Centre.

STRESS DIVAS2016 presented to honour Salony Priya for her dedication to the development and well being of under privileged children and empowerment of women. This award was presented by OPEN ARMS EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST.







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