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Dr Subhabrata Ganguly, Teacher in charge of The Bhawanipur Education Society College

Your ability to engage the audience and create a dynamic learning environment did not go unnoticed. The feedback we received from the participants was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the relevance and applicability of the workshop content to their academic and professional endeavours.
- Dr. Subhabrata Ganguly, TIC, BESC.

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Abeda Razeq, Vice Principal, Jewish Girl's School, Kolkata

Salony Priya, the founder, and director of Ummeed Counselling and Cunsulting Services, conducted a career guidance programme.
Abeda Razeq, Vice Principal, Jewish Girl's School, Kolkata

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Trafton Mark Anthony, Vice Principal, Campion International School, Siliguri

"This beautiful journey of Micro skills of counselling & Therapy has been a thoroughly enriching experience."
Trafton Mark Anthony, Vice Principal, Campion International School, Siliguri.

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Fr. Francis Jimmy Keepuram, Principal of St. Lawrence High School, Kolkata

"Thank You Salony Ma'am for sharing your knowledge and experience that was a great source of encouragement for the students and the parents of St. Lawrence High School."
Fr. Francis Jimmy Keepuram, S.J. Principal, St. Lawrence High School, Kolkata.

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Sr. Betsy, Principal, St. Francis School, Deoghar

"Hat's off to you dear Mrs. Salony for the Francerians are ignited forever."
Sr. Betsy, Principal

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John.A.Bagul, Founder Principal, South City International School, Kolkata

"Teachers could learn many important aspects of mental health and wellbeing for children of different age groups and adults too from the workshop of Mrs. Salony Priya."
John.A.Bagul, Founder Principal

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Brij Bhushan Singh, The BGES School (ICSE)

Suraj Tamang, Sacred Heart School, Matigara, Siliguri

Mrs. Sonika Sharma, G.D. Goenka Public School, Siliguri

Malini Goyal, Lokhandwala Foundation School & Junior College

Glenda Galstaun, St. Dominic Savios High School, Patna

Amitava Ghosh, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan's, R.K. Sharda Vidya Mandir, Raipur

R. K. Pandey, Delhi Public School, Varanasi

Mrs. Lata Sharat, J.H. Tarapore School, Jamshedpur

Neelkanth Gupta, M.C. Kejriwal Vidyapeeth, Howrah

Mrs. J. Mahbert, Mahbert High School, Siliguri

Fr. S. Joseph SVD, St. Paul's School, Rourkela

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Feedback from Valued Well Wishers

Fr. Vijumon T. Choorackal, Principal DonBosco, Paliaghat.

Dear Miss Salony,
I have attended and attend a number of such on going formation sessions or training programmes. I often put off myself soon the sessions begin - I know it already attitude. However, I was very attentive to everything you said. Firstly because you spoke sense and sensibility rooted in the realities of a Salesian Teacher. Secondly, your presentation was quite unlike others. I felt from the very beginning that you were not here to sell yourself rather with concern and with a mission.
The first projection you had on the wall was ‘Connecting .... This is what exactly we teachers miss in our day-to-day teaching; and you have brought it so clearly throughout you sessions how that alone can win a child, build a child, mould a child, give a sense of purpose for a child, .... Madam, believe all I have said .... because I have spoken from my heart and I mean every word I have said. You have been really wonderful, down to earth with practical application.
Thank you and God bless you. I hope and pray that you would visit our school again.
Suvina Shunglu, Principal, Shri Shri Academy, Kolkata

Thank you for inviting us to be a part of the Seminar on Education.I really thought it was time well spent. The participation and arrangement were excellent. Your choice of topics for the Panel Discussions were well thought of and provided an insight into the different stake holders in education. I would specifically like to compliment you on the versatility of your speakers who spoke both with experience and honesty.You have a thorough knowledge of your subject and are a force for positive change in schools. All the best for your good work.
Fr. Joseph, Principal, St. Paul's School, Rourkela

This is to extend my sincere thanks to Mrs. Salony Priya for making it to Rourkela for conducting the two day workshop for the teachers of ICSE Schools.
The response was very good and the teachers have gained a lot from their interactions with you and your team.
On behalf of the Association of ICSE Schools, I would like to congratulate you for the wonderful mission that you have taken up in bringing awareness among teachers about the need to be more counselors too. I wish that more and more teachers listen to you and make the education of children a happy one today.
Fr. Johnson Parackal, Executive Director, Don Bosco Institute, Guwahati

Dear Ms. Salony Priya,
Congratulations and thank you for the wonderful presentation today on the theme - New Leadership Skills for 2lst Century to the participants of the 5th National Conference on Education, organized by Don Bosco Institute, Guwahati.

I have no doubt that the participants of this National Conference have truly benefited by your dynamic, highly inspiring and motivating presentations on how to become true leaders, councilors and mentors of children/youth with the much needed skills to lead them to a fascinating, challenging but promising world.
Bratati Bhattacharya, Chief Academic Officer, Techno India, Kolkata

Dear Ms. Salony Priya,
We on behalf of the Techno India Group Public Schools and Techno Model Schools would like to extend our heartiest thanks to you for taking out time to share your extertise with our teachers.

The workshop would help them in their future projects and effective class management.

We would like to keep in touch with you for future 'Workshops'.
Dorothy Noronah, Principal, St. Mary's Orphange & Day School

Mr. Anil Rai, Principal, Gems Graded English School, Kathmandu

Captain Prakash Pradhan, Principal, Rockvale Academy, Kalimpong

Dinesh Thapa, Principal, Gyanoday School, Darjeeling

Amrita Burman, Deputy Director, Sunbem Group Of Educational Institutions, Nepal

It is thanks to our interaction with Ms. Salony Priya and takeaways from her session that each of us at Sunbeam Schools have understood how to aid personal and social development of students appropriate to developmental stages . All educators at Sunbeam Schools are now in a position to counsel students and if required their families on how to foster growth in the students' self esteem, in taking up individual responsibility, and in skills such as decision making and social skills and to provide appropriate interventions to assist students with school related problems and issue .
Our association with Ms. Salony Priya has been enriching and has enhanced our outlook towards schooling and schools.

We look forward to a long fruitful association with Ms. Salony Priya and UMMEED.
Nabarun De, Secretary, ASISC, West Bengal Chapter

In last last decade the school fraternity of Kolkata has learnt more about a Child’s Psychological Sensitivity and Remedy than ever before. In last last decade the school fraternity of Kolkata has learnt more about a Child’s Psychological Sensitivity and Remedy than ever before.

As the Head of a School and also the Secretary of the Association of Schools for the ISC, West Bengal Chapter I fully credit Psychologist par excellence, Mrs. Salony Priya for bringing this welcome awareness.
Joyce Anderson, A.G.Church School, Asansol

Dear Salony Mam,
I offer my sincerest thanks for your invaluable discourse which has greatly impacted our teachers. You have delved into the psyche of young children and your views have enlightened and enlivened us. Your advice that 'responsible discipline engage both mind and heart' should be an important notion to be followed by all Teachers. Ensuring discipline with dignity seems imperative and the visual presentation of Mark Thackeray as a teacher is an effective testimonial to such an idea. Two other very relevant thoughts have been introduced in your discourse, firstly that a teacher should win over a child with love and compassion and secondly she should also reason the behaviour of a child, where the priorily should be offered to 'ask' and not to 'assume'.

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Meenakshi Atal, Founder Headmistress & Vice Principal, The Heritage School

Salony Priya has been associated with The Heritage School since its inception in 2001. The Heritage School shares a very special relationship with her in view of its consistent growth towards being a school with a difference and one that makes a difference. Our other pilot programmes - be it with Life Skill Training, Study Skills, Leadership Training for children, or continuous Teacher Training programmes, training teacher Mentors, in the school have all been designed by her. She has helped to conceive the school's pioneering effort in setting up a Parenting Platform.

Indrani Sanyal, Principal, DPS Megacity

A true professional Salony Priya, as a Psychologist and HR trainer has a long association with DPS Megacity. She has contributed most usefully in guiding the students, teachers and parents to create a positive environment in the school. Her dynamism is reflected in her warmth and genuineness. We value her constant support and co-operation. Wish her all the success in her life.
S.L. Daga, Trustee Lions Education Trust, Director Avani Constructions, Kolkata

I have known Ms. Salony Priya, consultant & counseling psychologist for over seven years and have no hesitation in saying that she has played a key role for making Lions Greater Vidya Mandir what it is today, and educational institution of excellence.

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REEMA MUKHERJEE, Consultant Psychiatrist, Crystal Clinic

It has made the work of mental health professeionals like me, who work with school children, a lot easier having you as teacher counsellor cum liasion psychologist. With your unlimited energy and enthusiasm, optimism and willingness to bring about a change in the mindset of the school authorities and parents and making them psychologically aware, you have made a diiference in an area that sorely needed it The schools that you are associated with have definitely got a better insight about a child's psychological make up, problems that a school going child may have such as ADHD, LD, and the various emotional and behavioural problems. As a result when a child from such a school is referred to us, we know that we will get full cooperation from that school. Unfortunately this is not the situatiuon in mostt of the other schools in Kolkata. I hope that our association will grow from strength to strength and we continue our efforts to make this city have a more child friendly education system and schools .

Sister-IVY, Principal, Carmel School, Durgapur

Mrs. Salony Priya, a counselling Psychologist and educational consultant in Kolkata had conducted an Orientation for parents at Carmel School, Gurunanak Road, Durgapur - 5, on the 5th of December 2009, in two groups at 'Srijani' auditorium, Durgapur.

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Seema Sapru, Principal, The Heritage School, Kolkata

Salony Priya has been associated with The Heritage School since its inception and has been instrumental in projecting a child/ parent friendly image of the school. Her very calm and pleasant disposition helps children do away with inhibitions and open their heart out to her. Her dedication to her profession is exemplary; she is destined to go places. My best wishes to her!
D.P. Galstaun, Director, ST.Karen’s High School, Patna

You led them on to realize that their individual lutes of education was a worthy instrument fitted with a stream of variegated strings which required to be handled adeptly to conjure or up a presentation that should hold their audience with rapt attention every time they entered the realms of the classroom! You were a virtuoso at your best; making them realize that many of them required to adjust their strings.
H. K. Chaudhary, Visionary educationist & philanthropist, Founder Trustee, Kalyan Bharti Trust, The Heritage School, Kolkata

We have been in touch for about 15 years and I have found in you an exceptional personality, full of devotion and affection for helping the teachers and parents for better handling their children's issues. It is a great work for the society of Kolkata you are doing. Your Continuous growth in your chosen field is also visible. I have also found you a highly cultured, always smiling with a pleasant personality. May God give you a healthy and long life.
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