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All children are born with the desire and the ability to learn. Children learn best through hands-on experiences and self-discovery, rather than through direct Instruction. Children learn best when the learning is self-initiated, arising from their own curiosity and interests, rather than imposed on them. These are some of the principles on which the life skill workshops are formulated upon.

Life skill training workshops aim at comprehensive synthesis of many successful strategies, that students master over a period of time and use them to cope with daily life situations.
These sessions are designed to offer students high energy activities that teach, entertain, and prepare students for the rest of their lives.
These hands on skills training is about learning to learn. Each element of these workshops contributes to the overall adjustment of the child with himself, with his peers, with his parents and with the environment at large leading to his success.

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Lifeskills Workshop at Sarda Vidya Mandir, Raipur for Class 7 and 8 on 14th and 15th July, 2014

We had the honor of Ms. Salony Priya Madam Founder Director - UMMEED, Counseling Psychologist, Educational Consultant and HR Trainer. The sessions were very interactive and Salony Madam empowered the children to learn these skills. Children understood the importance of – self-awareness, empathy, critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, effective communication, coping with stress, coping with emotions.

They understood the mechanisms behind the term ASK-A-Attitude, S-Skills, K-Knowledge. Children enthusiastically participated in the activity and enjoyed doing it. The session was full of learning and sharing which motivated the students and improved their capacity to learn and enhance their confidence. - Ms. Anu Biswal, In-charge Life-Skills
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