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Amarpati Lions Citizen Public School, Siliguri

Amarpati Lions Citizens Public School (ALCPS) is an English medium co educational school managed by The Citizens Lions Sewa Trust, a Trust created under Lions Club of Siliguri Citizens, a member club of the world's largest serving Non-Government Organisation (NGO) “Lions Clubs International”. Mrs. Saloni Priya helped in all-round development of the school and apart from her regular visits to school, she remained just a phone call away whenever needed. She had a very important role in teacher selection process, workshops & training, academic planning, syllabus & books selection, students counselling to name a few. She involves herself into the minutest details of school infrastructure planning, child safety, health & hygiene, cleanliness & brings in latest teaching techniques. She had played the pivotal role of a Captain of a Ship who always steers the ship out of rough waters. Her immense knowledge & expertise in the field of Education have eased the pressure on the School Management Committee & helped us to achieve our dreams in a very short span of 5 years. We hope the association with UMEED through Mrs. Saloni Priya go for long period oftime.

Sangay Kumar Marodia, Chairman.

Guru Nanak Public School

Campion International School

Campion International School is proud to be associated with Maam Salony Priya for the last two years now. Mrs Salony is the founder of Ummeed...., an educational consultant and certified trainer who specialises in Organisational Behaviour. We acknowledge her immense contribution to the school in terms of training and motivating teachers, helping with organisational functioning, marketing and public outreach. Her valuable inputs have positively transformed our approach to various aspects of functioning and helped us adapt to modern contemporary challenges faced by educational institutions. Along with providing support to schools and educational institutions, including conducting workshops for teachers, Mrs Priya also offers support and counselling to students and parents, including parenting tips, parenthood in the modern age as well as various other topics relevant to children and parents alike.

The Heritage School, Kolkata

Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir, Kolkata

"I express my deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks for the quantum of Help and guidance received from you in particular and from team UMMEED with regard to guidance and counselling services for students, teachers and parents of Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir.

Your unique sessions have brought in a Paradigm shift in the approach and thought process of both the caregivers as well as the parents. It has rendered a massive difference and has brought in an altogether new and positive perspective. From learning disorders to adolescent issues, from maladjustment to handling low self esteem and identity crisis, from career counselling to POCSO rules awareness, you had an antidote and a solution for all. With the kind of world that we are living and dealing with your sessions have served as a beacon of light and hope.

A lot of issues which otherwise could not be addressed at school due to lack of professional and technical knowledge and expertise today stands sorted out at Lions Vidya Mandir. None of these would have been possible without your constant support, guidance, motivation & Encouragement."

Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir

Sunbeam Mughalsarai

"Our journey with Umeed began five years ago when our teachers underwent a program on Pastoral Guidance with them. Thanks to Ummeed our educators are now better equipped to deal with the students and issues in the classrooms.

The student-teacher connect has increased. Over the past two years, Salony Ma'am has been assisting us in our Core Team building Together, we have developed a robust System which identifies the strengths of our teachers and their areas of improvement.

This has led to trust building and made our school a happier workplace. We thank Salony maam and her team for their constant support and wish that they continue to spread their good work throughout The community."

Sweta Kanudia,
Director sunbeam Mughalsarai

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