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Mrs. Salony Priya is a renowned counseling psychologist working in the area of Education Management, Human Development & Training, student & teacher empowerment, parental guidance & comprehensive counseling for nearly 18 years and her interventions have reached out to several educational institutions, corporate and social organizations. She is founder Director of Ummeed Counselling & Consulting services, a multispecialty positive psychology institution based in Calcutta where she empowers, enables and energizes populace with therapies, workshops trainings and individualized sessions. Mrs. Salony Priya is also Trustee of UMEED FOUNDATION an organization that works for underprivileged children in field of mental health.

She is advisor for Mentor, Educational Initiatives, recognized as progressive voice in field of education. She has done more than 1500 training programmes at state education boards, at Administrative Training institutes for civil servants, CBSE schools and ICSC schools on key areas of Life Skills, and positive mental health in more than 18 states of India. She believes in power of positive psychology and feels it has much larger role to play in educational and social psychology. Her interventions in the education sector have been instrumental in developing organizational vision in various institutions, involving management, executives, Heads, teachers and parents, particularly her path breaking work on gender education, sexuality, addiction, aggression, abuse and adolescent health. She is consultant to more than 30 educational institutions & groups and believes and advocates working with all stakeholders.

She has been responsible for planning, developing, implementing, coordinating and managing interventions and programs encompassing all aspects of Human Resource Management in the education sector and has been closely associated with ‘progressive schooling wave’. Her powerful insights and ability to motivate people have made a profound difference in the lives of all who have come in contact with her. Her work not only inspires people to reclaim their power, she also teaches the step by step process to put it into action. With simple, clear techniques she is able to show her clients how make long lasting, progressive changes.

Her commitment, focus, high energy are the qualities that you will experience with each encounter. Her programs challenge you to take a good look at yourself and support you in every step you take towards creating an empowered life, business or community. The One on One counseling sessions, Relationship Building Program and Teen and Young Adult Empowerment Program she offers are absolutely transformational!

She also teaches a wide variety of empowerment workshops, speaks to groups and businesses interested in bettering themselves, and publishes articles on a regular basis. She has been recognized by MENTOR MAGAZINE as a leading voice in education in the country and is on their advisor board.

She has been the contributor to Progressive educators magazine starting the positive psychology humanistic wave.

She has addressed Heads of schools in the AISC Odisha and Chattisgarh chapter in September 2013, invited to address Heads of Army schools at FDRI, Delhi and AISCAP at Vigyan Bhawan.

Changing role of counseling psychologist

For past ten years she has been associated as a counseling psychologist, with the progressive schooling set ups. The role of a guidance counsellor has changed drastically during this period and it has evolved as a dynamic, multifaceted support system that caters to varied needs emerging in the school systems.

Mrs. Salony Priya has strongly advocated for evolving SCHOOLS AS LEARNING ORGANISATION. Learning organizations are schools where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire, where new and creative patterns of thinking are nurtured and where people are continually learning and growing together. For continual improvement to take place, everyone needs to know what is expected of him or her.

Teachers must understand their role in the larger context of the system and be aware of how these roles change as quality improves. There can be no innovation through continuous process improvement without research and no research without adequate trained staff and educated employees. Her workshops and consultancy with school management have addressed these core issues in a very need based model for the school based on its culture, vision and goals.
My Roots .... Ma - Paa
"We had always complete faith & were confidant that our little DOLL will do wonders in future. We still vividly remember your first day to school, a little bundle of joy& excitement, real treat to watch & cherish. You started very early, but were always very eager to explore & a keen & quick learner. No doubt, during your early childhood, we were living in small places & resources available at your disposal were not adequate, still you could always create your coveted, independent status by virtue of sheer hard work & dedication."

Some of her work in the organizations as educational consultant :-

  ► Instrumental in customizing of performance appraisal system. Also assisted in thoroughly familiarizing and training, both appraisers and appraises, the process of appraisal, performance development and coaching.
► Promote and coordinate employee activities, special process and programs that develop team building and a positive work environment.
► Trouble shoot issues and present recommendations to the management.
► Provide counseling and training to employee relation issues.
► Experienced in organizational restructuring to meet the challenges of changing environment and competition.

She has experience of working with schools of ICSE Council, CBSE board, U.P Board and West Bengal Board, conducted more than 600 workshops. Each of her workshops are customized training packages based on identifying training needs, research and development of human resource.

She strongly advocates training of teachers to empower them and enable them to act as guidance counselors and has trained counselors and pastoral teachers to act as key members of guidance and student services teams.
Some of her highly successful Teacher Development Initiatives are as follows:-
 Class management techniques, class control, building a class community
 Self Development by introspective tools and psychometric testing
 Team building in education
 Creating a caring environment in the classroom
 Motivation strategies for the average, above average and under average students.
 Emotional Intelligence for teenagers
 Multiple Intelligences to understand learning styles of young learners
 Discipline by design - Proactive disciplining methods
 Understanding behavior and underlying psychological needs
 Sexuality education for educators
 Grooming of next level teacher leaders in Mentoring program
 Empowering and training of coordinators and headmistress
 Identifying learning styles of students
 Skill based teaching to make each child smart
 Handling mixed ability classrooms
 Understanding psychological needs in students and developing age appropriate strategies
 Teacher as a counselor
 SPECIAL DEEDS FOR SPECIAL NEEDS - Workshop on LD - further develops insight for teachers in understanding why a child cannot perform even when he tries to, avoid labeling of students, developing empathy and making the classrooms truly a learning environment for all kinds of children.

Some projects, seminars conducted and conceptualized by Mrs. Salony Priya:

   From Good to Great - Educational Leadership – workshop for principals of Jharkhand, held at Jamshedpur.
 Session on transformational leadership at Annual Principal’s conference for Army Schools Eastern Command.
 Evaluation Methods - brainstorming with heads of CBSE schools at Delhi.
 Stress in schools, presented paper for heads of ICSC schools of Chattisgrah and Odissa
 Indian public school conclave, principals meet - presented paper on "Emotional and social wellness in schools"
 Startegies for Suicide prevention in Teens – created a platform for heads of schools to brainstorm on various strategies to deal with suicides.
 Basic counseling skills - training for teachers to deal with disciplinary issues of children by employing basic counseling methods, conducted at Rourkela, Bhramapur, Jamshedpur and Kalimpong reaching out to more than 100 schools in the region, spreading awareness, building skills.
 Leadership in educational set ups, challenges and convictions - Heads of Diocesan schools, Guwahati.
 Challenges in school Leadership - Addresssed Heads of St Mary Diocese at Nalco, Orissa
 Counselling skills training for teachers of 40 Railway schools in Kharagpur
 Management by objectives based on application of change management principles in the education sector – workshop for principals of private and Government schools in West Bengal.
 Self management in a learning organization, workshop at Tollygunge club in association with Times of India - a discussion panel for academicians and principals of Calcutta.
 Paradigm shift in Education – session for principals of ICSC schools at Council Management & Training center at Noida, Delhi. Similar workshop was conducted as the inaugral session for principals of ICSC schools at the training center in Calcutta.
 Personality development sessions "PEP" for students in various schools in Calcutta in association with Hindustan Times PACE project.
 Total Quality in Teaching workshop for ICSE association of private school owners W.B. Chapter, attended by more than 150 teachers of 45 ICSE schools of Calcutta and neighbouring areas of Kalyani, Burdwaan Madhyamgram, Krishna Nagar, and Barrackpore.
 Guest speaker for panel discussion on adolescent stress by FICCI
 Key note speaker for Grooming leadership at annual zonal conference for Lions clubs of Calcutta.
 Addressed senior Rotarians on Wellness from a psychologist’s perspective
 Workshop for principals on "Designing an ideal school" – the session ideated building bridges between the Montessori schools and mainstream schools.
 Speaker on Life skills for the adolescent in partnership with West Bengal Aid prevention society.
 Counselling in school for teachers of ICSE schools of Calcutta and neighbouring areas of Kalyani, Burdwaan, Madhyamgram, Krishna nagar, and Barrackpore
 Parenting for confident children – Workshop for officers of ICICI Prudential

Introduced Student Development Program
 Designed modules for self development of students that catered to issues like Communication skills training, Group discussion skills, interview techniques, personality enhancement and effectiveness, study skills and personality assessments. These modules are based on the principle of human lab process and applicable in schools for students of class VIII-XII and students of B.Tech and MBA in Technical Colleges.
 Provided individual counseling for students.
 Designed pastoral program for the school to cater to adolescent counseling needs in the senior and middle school.
 ADOLESCENT issues - An orientation towards utilizing various counseling techniques for adolescents dealing with stress, anxiety and depression.
 Life skills program in schools for students of age group 9 years to 18 years - a series of role plays, group games, interactive sessions to sensitize students about gender issues, appreciating differences, social responsibility, leadership, team work etc.

Pioneer in conducting Parenting Workshops for schools :
 Created a niche in the field of parent interface with a difference for the schools. Conducted workshops and interactive sessions for parents on issues like Communication with child, Building self esteem in the child, Techniques to discipline the child, Handling sibling rivalry, Value teaching, Adolescent handling, teen stress, Working moms’ challenges, dealing with single parenting, Teaching life skills etc.
 Designed a comprehensive parent involvement program for the school to involve parents in various visioning exercises of the school.
 Redefined approach and process of communication with parents for the school.
 Developed need based school specific feedback mechanisms from parents.
 Conducted Exit interviews of students and parents.
 Provided individual counseling for parents in the school for effective behavior management of students.
 Supportive counseling for parents of children with learning disabilities.

Professional Qualifications

  o Masters of Science in Counselling and Behavior Psychotherapy
o Masters in Psychology with specialization in organizational and developmental (child) Psychology Vimhans, Delhi - Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP ) trainer - NLP is used extensively as most effective psychotherapy with eclectic multidisciplinary approach. It focuses on structure of excellence demonstrating how to communicate effectively and influence cognitive restructuring of individuals leading to sustained behavioral modification.
o Play Therapist – an effective tool for intervention with children with problems as aggression, trauma, loss, extreme avoidance or phobia.
o Personality Assesment

Member of following associations:-
 Life Member of Christian Counselling Centre Vellore
 Member American School Counsellor’s Association
 Memeber Ethical Committee Cancer Research Centre
 Member of University WOMEN’S Association.
 Member of Society for National awareness.

Consultant to:
 The Heritage School, Kolkata - Consultant & Counsellor (since 2001)
 Lions Greater Vidya Mandir school project, Kolkata - consultant for training, and system designing. (since 2004)
 R.K.Sarda Vidya mandir Raipur - Counselling consultant
 Citizen Public School, Siliguri School Advisor
 BRCM Vidyagram, Bahal – Consultant
 BRCM Gyankunj – Advisor
 Frank Anthony School - Kolkata – Advisor student interventions
 DPS Megacity, Calcutta - Psychologist and HR trainer (since May 2005 till July 2013)
 Mentor Management Services - Competency management and trainer
 Tyndal Biscoe & Mallinson School, Srinagar - Consultant for training and empowering of teachers and Heads
 Douglas Memorial H.S.School - Advisor school
 Little Scholars - Advisor school
 St.Xaviers Institution - Consultant
 Vidyanjali High School - Consultant
 M.C.Kejriwal Consultant
 Heritage Institute of Technology – personality enhancement for engineering college
 Rockvale Academy, Kurseong - Advisor & consultant
 B.D.Pradhan Institute of Management, Kurseong - advisor
 DPS Howrah- advisor & HR trainer
 Also associated in social work at the college level for adult and child literacy program. Facilitated programs for old age homes and children of Railway employees under SERWWO welfare project.

She regularly writes for leading national dailies as Times Of India, NIE, Telegraph, Hindustan Times .Her columns are very highly appreciated by students, parents and educators alike.

Seminars & Courses Attended

  Build Effective Teams - by Bud Erickson Associates-USA
Peak Performance training by R.S.Dabas, certified MBTI trainer
Managerial Excellence - Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
Making of a Corporate Athlete - by Gaurang Das, IITMumbai,Optimum Performance Technologies
Leadership Effectiveness by Stephen Covey – by Franklin Covey associates USA
Transctional Analysis for effectiveness by Prof Idyuraj at XLRI, Jamshedpur

  • The Heritage School - Consultant, HR Trainer and School Counsellor (since 2001)
  • DPS Megacity, Calcutta - Psychologist and HR trainer (since May 2005)
  • Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir School Project - Consultant (since December 2004)
  • Little Scholar School - Advisor (since January 2007)
  • Rockvale Academy, Kalimpong – Advisor and Counsellor (since February 2008)
  • St. Xaviers Institution, Panihati - Consultant and Advisor
  • Douglas Memorial H.S. School- Advisor
  • Tyndal Biscoe & Mallinson group of schools in Srinagar- Consultant Trainer
  • Sudhir Memorial School - Advisor
  • Mentor Management Services - Competency management and training (since 2002)
  • Human Learning Systems, India – HR Head and Chief Coordinator (January 1998-April 2004).
  • Apeejay School - Counsellor (2001-2002)
  • Consultant to few schools in Liluah, Barrackpore and Kalyani
  • Parenting expert for Apeejay School, Learnium School, Birla High School, Laxmipat Singhania Academy on a contract basis.
  • Facilitated programs for old age homes and children of Railway employees under SERWWO welfare project.

Some of the institutions where her interventions have made a difference:-

- In & around Kolkata
- In West Bengal
- In North East
- Others

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