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CONCERN Rampant use of bad language in the school especially among students of classes VI-VIII. Children catching it and using it with no guilt or realization that it is wrong. Most unacceptable filthy words being used by students with intention to coach junior students, inflict insult on peers of the opposite sex, victimize students in the bus as well as inflict insult on teachers and other staff members of the school.

FOCUS Restructure environment at school in a manner that every student at the school receives the message loud and clear that BAD, OBSCENE, HUMILIATING, WORDS WITH SEXUAL INOTATION would not be tolerated in the school. Irrespective of the source of the words used, the reason why it was used and how many times it was used the act would be checked by one and all in the staff.

The three pronged intervention as a pilot project should have following salient features :-
Sensitizing every member about this poison in the environment. Principal should organize a session with all teachers dealing with classes 5-8 to announce the Drive against bad language in school.
With charts, banners, posters in the school made by students and staff let us all constantly give the message that bad language is unacceptable.
Involving teachers and children in various art, craft, performing arts clubs, to develop material that would be a part of the campaign.
Conducting special assembly on the theme by various students and teachers.
Series of workshops for students of classes V-VIII with counselor to sensitize and empower students about modes to deal with the monster.
All teachers at the school whether class teacher, subject teacher or an activity teacher are empowered by the Principal and the Discipline committee to check bad language and monitor spreading of this usage as an acceptable norm in the school.
No probing on why a student did is to be entertained as one who did it had a choice to resort to more acceptable means to communicate anger, or disapproval. All students know that it is wrong still they are choosing it, so our aim is to teach them to make correct choices.
No teacher would wait for a member of the discipline committee or for Principal, Vice Principal, counselor or coordinator for checking usage of bad language in any part of the school or for student of any class. They will act there and then. ‘Every member of the school team has equal right and responsibility towards controlling this monster.’
A good student if uses bad language should also be immediately checked ‘I would check it as a teacher because if he is disciplined towards academics he is capable of being disciplined and accountable for his over all behavior as well’
Boys and girls both use bad language in school so teachers should not operate from any gender bias.
Empower the class representatives to become a strong support in the classroom environment for children who are bullied to use bad language.
Sensitize them about their role as climate controllers and how they are capable of checking this monster with the class teacher’s support.
Make them instrumental in breaking gangs of students who are using bad language as a habit and are coaching others in the classrooms.
Through life skills certificates, appreciative cards and notes constantly make the good students a strong community in the class and in the school so that they can counter the effect of these gangs.
Strict monitoring of students from all sides at all times.
One standard method and one standard communication (firmness with purpose)to be followed by all teachers and staff members.
At all times teachers would carry a slip with school seal and report the names of students who indulge in this act.
The slips would be collected in designated boxes available in staff rooms and V.P’s office.
Every day the slips would be collected, and counted and students with more that three slips to their credit would be called for a session with the counselor.
Reflective writing, daily report, behavior modification card etc proactive discipline methods would be employed to check their behavior.
Detail record of these sessions to be maintained.
For Repeated offenders parents to be involved and strict action like rustication for a few days to a week to follow as per the case.
In extreme case its Principal’s discretion to expel a student.
The object is to fortify the school environment and do not allow any pupil to use bad language in school under any circumstances.

The whole intervention is based on Principal’s initiative and belief that the monster cannot be allowed to grow unchecked. Proactive support of all teachers would be critical to make it a success. It would need frequent reviews and the support of the core team to keep up the enthusiasm and momentum.
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