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Life Skills - Skills for Life

All children are born with the desire and the ability to learn. Children learn best through hands-on experiences and self-discovery, rather than through direct Instruction. Children learn best when the learning is self-initiated, arising from their own curiosity and interests, rather than imposed on them. These are some of the principles on which the life skill workshops are formulated upon. Each of these workshops are group counseling sessions that create a platform to sensitize children about various issues, and enables them to think and take responsibility by acting appropriately. Children are free to voice their opinion, debate, agree and disagree, introspect and while doing these they relate. They relate to problems around them, they relate to peers, they relate to environmental issues and they relate to their own emotions better.

Life skills training workshops aim at comprehensive synthesis of many successful strategies, that students master over a period of time and use them to cope with daily life situations. These sessions are designed to offer students high energy activities that teach, entertain, and prepare students for the rest of their lives. These hands on skills training is about learning to learn. Each element of these workshops contributes to the overall adjustment of the child with himself, with his peers, with his parents and with the environment at large leading to his success. These early year exposure and practice is imperative for internalizing the core values we want our adolescent to operate from.

Good Attitude addresses issues of empathy, compassion and care for peers and for society at large. It highlights the importance of respect in everyday interactions. Suitable for class V & VI.

Learning to respect addresses problems of teasing, name calling, isolating peers by sensitizing about stereotypes, biases and prejudices against communities, religion etc, setting stage for global outlook. Suitable for class VI and VII

MIND MAPPING Learn innovative ways to enhance memory by understanding how the mind stores and retrieves information. Suitable for class VII and VIII

EFFECTIVE READING Skills Introduction to four gears of reading and build insight into speed reading techniques. Helps students to be able to comprehend and learn better. Suitable for class V and VI

ART OF WINNING for young adults focuses on the most important skills a person can develop the Problem-solving and decision-making skills. The session evolves around the idea that making good decisions and having the ability to solve problems can make you a good leader. Suitable for class VIII & IX.

Goal setting Helps students to balance task and time and introduces them to successful strategies of capable students. Suitable for class X, XI & XII.
Some of the workshops that had participation of students from age group 9 years to 18 years over the year were as follows :-
Assertive SMART
Learning to Care
Empathy and Compassion
Appreciating differences
Listening SMART
Disagreeing Amiably-conflict resolution
Team versus group
SMART study skills

Nurturing children to a large extent is giving them hope, believing in their dreams and empowering them with life skills that would enable them to realize their dreams. As a counseling psychologist I have learned with them skills for life and believe in their dreams !

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