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Salony mam’s workshop was a lovely learning experience, beautifully expressed ideas, would love to have session on emotional Intelligence with her. Lopsang Chunbi Bhutia, St.Xavier Pakyong, Sikkim
We deeply appreciate your constant, committed and concerted efforts in upgrading the system in the school through your own way of appraising and sensitizing the teachers, parents and policy makers specially for children with special needs We consider you as a thorough professional with a scientific, focused yet humane approach. Our best wishes for all your future endeavors for making the world a better place. Dr. Koushik Lahiri, Consultant Dermatologist
Parent of Dyuti Lahiri, DPS Megacity
I met Salony Priya as a counselor at the Heritage School and her parenting sessions have been a boon for me. I have always attended her sessions in spite of my busy schedule and returned rejuvenated with new and positive ideas about handling not only my child but even my staff in my nursing home and also my life on a more positive note.She has a tremendous understanding about children as well as parents and guides both keeping in perspective our Indian values and way of life .I just have one word to describe her -she is AMAZING.She can change lives POSITIVELY. Indu Saraf
We wish to express our immense gratitude and appreciation for your great work which has transformed the life of our child Rajvansh Kabra, now in class 1 E, of Heritage School.Your guidance and exhaustive knowledge on Child psychology has made all the difference. Not only his mischievous nature has subsided but he has focused his ever energetic nature in quality activities around him. Our interaction with you for the last 2 years and your suggestion has made us understand Rajvansh and his hidden abilities and interest. We give our best wishes to you to continue doing your silent but powerful service to the society. Rajesh & Radhika Kabra
We all need guidance to build in us a sense of direction, self confidence and orderliness. We parents need guidance to handle our children from time to time and our children need help and have to be tactfully explained the above mentioned means that help them attain success in studies, help them develop into complete, happy, responsible, and successful human beings. I can never thank you enough for all I have learned from you. Moreover, my son and I are very grateful to you as I see him shape up into a wonderful personality. He never misses to share with me any talk you have had with the children in school. To quote what my son(Jai Kanodia-IX E )said to me after one of your sessions received in school – “A student who listens , believes, and follows Madam’s way of handling life is sure to achieve remarkable success in his/her future, life and career!”Thank you Ma’am for being our guiding light and please do keep showing your students and us parents the right ways of dealing with life. Manjri N. Kanodia,
Parent of Jai Kanodia(IX), The Heritage School
Salony Priya is one of the exceptionally best psychologist I have come across. She has been treating the children with motherly love, and doing her best for the uplift and success of children.In a very short span of time, she has become very popular in social circles and specially in field of education in schools.She is being invited to several special seminars at National level where her work has been praised by National and Foreign dignitaries. I wish her all the best and success for helping the children in various fields specially education. Raj Kumar Sehgal, Deputy General Manager,
HPL Additives Limited
When my 3 yrs old son was diagnosed with having ADHD problems after a 3 min. observation by the psychiatrist, I was crestfallen. Having gone to a "special educator" who spent around 10 min. with my son & who stated that he was a textbook case of ADHD, didn't exactly lift my spirits. Though the educator found him too small to suggest much, I tired to follow her simple instructions. But being depressed myself, I wasn't making much headway.
Then I met you.You spent about an hour with my son and reassured me that he was just a borderline case and I need not lose sleep over him. Moreover, your calm, confidence and poise infused a great deal of courage in me and I felt relieved. Your tips and suggestions and even your accurate reading of my son and his nature and qualities proved invaluable. Following your suggestions we have already seen a marked improvement in my son for which I have only God and you to thank.
Aditi Basu
It’s about 5 years from now since I came in contact with you at the “Effective Parenting Workshop” in Learnium School, Kolkata. I still remember your originality and the fact that your presentation was not canned or generic in any way, but had a unique character to it. You shared so many valuable information with all the audiences with live examples. You got every audience’s attention right at the beginning and managed to retain through out the session. Later on you were always available with your valuable guidance whenever I sought your advice for the purpose of improvement of my child’s behaviour.My son, a special child with different needs would have been lost had it not been for your guidance and belief. Amitava Bagchi
Both in person and as a professional I really am short of words to describe it better. As a professional I have seen you handle both kids and their parents with the same vigour. I have seen kids who turn unruly in their behavior in the school. I have seen as a colleague how you extracted from the kid the info that it is a result of the relationship that the parents enjoy with each other at the home front. In today's life people are so stressed up that they are unable to give time to their kids and I have seen you solving such issues also. I have learnt a lot about child psychology from you.Keep the good job going. Kuntal Chatterjee
After meeting with Mrs. Salony Priya, I am feeling very proud. Because as a working lady, I was very unconscious, but now I came to know how to look after, how to care of my child. So UI will try my best to improve myself. Saraswati Bhowmick
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