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“My Key learning from this session was to understand children in a better way and helping them to learn easily, and it was very honorable to have Salony mam, she is very active and helped us to imbibe the good ways of teaching in a very easy way.” Sharleno Anthony, Loreto TTC Department
“The responsibility of a teacher to inculcate good values to children was my key learning from today's session, and the poem - 'Because of You' was really encouraging, and we are very fortunate to have salony mam for this workshop” Fatima Ullah, Loreto TTC Department
“My key learning from this session is to keep on always learning, and the resource person was amazing, she is special and a gift for each teacher, she is like a Guru, who helps us voice our opinion” Priyanaka Ghata, Loreto TTC Department
“My key learning from today's session, is how to understand and help children by keeping ourselves in their place, and the resource person and her team were very helpful and efficient” Pooja Veronica Rodricks, Loreto TTC Department
“My key learning from today's session was understanding the importance of learning in the process of teaching, and the resource person is a wonderful person, she possesses an immense knowledge and a good sense of humor” Rabia Malik, Loreto TTC Department
The workshop helped me realize that as a teacher I am really the future of the country and therefore I should be ever patient, careful and dedicated.
The value of patience, trust in the essential goodness of a human being and the best way of dealing with an adolescent was my learning today. Very Helpful session, thanks to Salony maam.
Anjana Mukherjee, South Point High School, Kolkata
It was a wonderful workshop. Mrs. Salony Priya has guided me to tackle adolescent children & really thank for all her guidelines. Mrs. Priyanka Srinivasan Roy, Seventh Day Adventist School, Ahmedabad
Excellent session. It was an eye opener for me. Every time I attend Mrs. Salony Priya's workshop I would measure my incompleteness. I would like to attend all her workshops conducted in the city in order to see the change in me. Dola Bhattacharya, Indus Valley World School, Kolkata
First of all I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mrs. Salony Priya and her team to inspire and motivate us to change ourselves according to the need of the society. I am very much impressed the way she showed us how to manage the class and get the confidence from our children. It is very important as we the teachers have to play a very important to role to play to mould our children in the shape of fruitful citizen. The future of a country lies in their hands only. Piyali Chakraborty, D.A.V. Model School, Durgapur
Today’s workshop was very much helpful to me for teaching the kids. I was so much involved with the interactions that it seemed to me that I have get back my childhood. In near future I would like to take help from Salony Ma’am for my improvement as a responsible teacher. Ajanta Majumdar, Agrasain Boys' School, Liluah, West Bengal
Counselling for parents and teachers was very well explained, its really needed. Interesting workshop motivates and challenges us to do more. Urvashi Gurung, Tashi Namgayal Academy, Gangtok, Sikkim
The workshop was really an exemplary one. The best part was that it was related to all practical problems and its way out which can be easily practiced in the classroom scenario. The hours we spent with you lead us all swayed to an emotional world where we were captivated by your enchanting eloquence. I would like to acknowledge my special thanks as my teaching faculty is really benefited and will ever remain grateful to you. They have already incorporated some of your valuable suggestions which has proved to be extremely beneficial. They are really innovative teachers to take the best and give the best to the students. Soumen Chakraborty, Principal,
Hemsheela Model School, Durgapur
Salony Mam you helped me to understand persons differently and be sensitive to their feelings. I appreciate the whole workshop. I enjoyed listening to you. All that you shared with us is helpful not only in teaching but also in building relationship. You are very pleasant, practical, clear in your communication. You used so many skills and methods to communicate the message you desired to give us. Sister Kiran A.C., Principal,
St.Agnes School, Kharagpur
Attending your workshop was a wonderful experience and the same sentiments are echoed by my teachers. I have been attending so many workshops over the years but none of them comes close to what exactly transpires in the classes.Your session has benefited us in lot of ways.Our teachers have started implementing your suggestions and few noticeable changes can be seen,which is indeed a positive sign. Ms Seema Singh, Vice Principal,
St.Karens School, Patna
Mrs. Priya’s workshop was enlightening & encouraging opening up new vistas of teaching & learning,the new ideas can enable a teacher to be far from stagnation. Ms Lipika Bose,
Don Bosco, Bandel
She could motivate all of us in a short duration, her strategies are practical, very sincere, effective and courageous. Dedication towards her work is seen in her presentation. A wow ! experience. Prasanta Kumar Tripathy,
St. Pauls School, Rourkela
The workshop has opened the window of our perceptions to a great extent.It was informative, educative and purposeful. Pinky Biswas,
Delhi Public School, Siliguri
It has taught me to be flexible, to adapt to situations and much more to be a good teacher. I am thankful to Mrs. Priya for making me feel proud of being a teacher. Ms. Reena Mohanta,
St. Marys School, Barbil, Orissa
Ms. G. Aparajita who is taking care of mathematics and physics of the secondary students in the school wanted the guest lecture to be extended for more hours. It was an excellent session for her specially the explanation of the problems of today’s children St.Marys School,
The best part was covering every aspects about teaching & dealing with real life problems & case studies, Excellent! Ms. Nupur Ghosh,
St. Anthonys Jaigaoin, Bhutan border
Emotional attachment, art of giving feedback, instructions to students were also explained so aptly by Salony Mam that I felt we could do it.The 4 ‘S’ of class management were really an eye opener. Marvelous session, thank you mam. Ms. Utkalika Mohapatra,
Carmel School, Bhadrak
A very inspiring & motivating session, an eye opener Mrs. Priya’s power to sustain interest & attention; her sense of humour;her power to reach out & touch lives made it a fantastic experience. O. GHOSH, Principal,
Jain Vidyalaya for Girls, Kolkata
Salony Mam’s approach to all the relevant topics was mind blowing , she is an excellent orator who made us receptive and kept us enthralled. Ms Bindu Satyan,
St Joseph's Convent, Sambalpur
The session was very useful, touching and inspiring.We should all be alert while dealing with children...that's my learning from her session. A big thank you! Dunga Mukhia,
Got proper guidance to manage a classroom & how to get attached with the students emotionally & make them attentive in their classes. Ms. Poulami Ghosh Dastidar,
Dunlop English Medium School
The interactive session with salony mam was wonderful I have learnt how to deal with average students efficiently and shall definitely try it out in my class, so that I can get across to my students nicely. Swapna Mitra,
Vidyanjali International School, Kolkata
It was the most awakening experience throughout the session and would be helpful as and when the situations unfold infront of us. I particularly valued the three things of Salony mam, the Positive approach, Allowing the space to an individual and Reinforcing the work ability by repetition of work in children rather than getting irritable. Kanta Shah,
Little Scholars School
Very informative and educative orientation conducted by Salony mam. Mam your guidance is overwhelming and I learnt a lot. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to meet and interact with you and hope so in the near future also. Roshan Parveen Jhanokwa,
DPS Megacity
It was a wonderful experience to be a part of this workshop, which for me is lifted as ‘can you teach the way I can learn’. It gives me a confidence to take a challenge to face a new group of student and to motivate them to be a good human being. Sudeshna Pathak,
St. Xaviers’ Institution, Kolkata
In my 32 years of experience after attending the workshop I admit there is lots to learn still specially about student’s emotions.We need to handle children with lot more care I really thank salony for coming to Rourkela and giving us this insight. Asha Panigrahi,
St. Paul's School, Rourkela
Interesting, motivating and practical workshop, would like to have Mrs Salony Priya speaking on “Teaching as a Team “ next time. Ranu Biswas, Headmistress,
Bhawan's Gangabux Kanoria Vidyamandir, Kolkata
Madam today when I entered, the same class it seemed to be a different place.....the same eyes but a different look, whenever I was about to raise voice at once I could hear your voice ringing in my ears...........and say "Pooja is it so difficult to reach out to them???".........mam, thank you once again for everything............ Pooja,
Burnpur Riverside School, Asansol
It was an excellent experience , we learned how to motivate children and inspire them. Mam’s method of explanation, natural example given and suggestions were extremely relevant. Pradeep Kumar Gurung,
This lecture was really praiseworthy in todays situations in schools. I learnt many things which was unaware of child psychology. Really, it is fruitful to us. Wish we would try to lead our children in positive ways. Bilasini Behera,
Delhi Public School, Siliguri
She spoke about the real facts of life, we face daily in the class, it was thought provoking” A very good learning experience. Ms. Monica Kullu,
Don Bosco, Bandel
Mrs. Priya was extremely efficient in her delivery & added a positive feeling in me. A good experience. After this workshop I should be a better learner & eventually a better person. MADHUMITA DAS,
Jain Vidyalaya for Girls, Kolkata
Strategies discussed to overcome the day to day problems faced by a teacher were quite an eye opener, It made for a lovely & memorable Saturday morning. Suparna Chatterjee,
Bhawan's Gangabux Kanoria Vidyamandir, Kolkata
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